Do ideas jump out of your mind?

Then you should become a Creative Driver! You will work in an interdisciplinary team on a practical project, you will be coached individually and gain crucial contacts within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and beyond. Test your creative drive in practice!

Become a Creative Driver now

With Creative Drive we support you in developing new projects, in accessing new markets and in gaining new impulses for your creative entrepreneurship here in the region. You work in an interdisciplinary team on a practical project where you extend your network, can test yourself and where you will be supported and challenged individually as well as in a group.

Within Creative Drive you can implement your visions and ideas in a real working environment in a private enterprise or sciences, thus, you strengthen the innovative potential of the region. The project brings you in touch with other creatives, clients and companies across the border and helps you to make better use of your business as a creative entrepreneur in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

During the project you enter new markets, you have an own working space with your team members and you will be supported financially with a monthly donation. Free accommodation is available for overseas participants during the term of the project.




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