Creative Changemakers – in how far the creative industry contributed to the EMR and how it will shape its future?!


All partners of the Interreg IV A project "Creative Drive" invite you to take part in the final conference ”Creative Changemakers – in how far the creative industry contributed to the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and how it will shape its future”. The conference will take place at Forum M in Aachen on 26th November, 2013, 10:30am.
„Creative Drive“ ends on the 31st December of this year - therefore the conference will not only be an informative closing of our project but will also give a contribution for further support and strengthening of the creative industry in our region and beyond.
The programme of the conference will focus on the interdisciplinary collaboration between the creative industry and other economic industries and the resulting innovation potential for the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Another focus will be the transnational cooperation in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and the contribution which the creative industry can provide according to an euregional identity. 


10:30 Welcome & registration
11:00 Opening
11:30 The Euregio Maas-Rhein – today in Aachen: Live stream to all partner cities
12:30 Impuls I: Creative Changemaker
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Impuls II:Preview of the report "Warum Innovation über Grenzen geht!"
15:00 Panel I: „Across industry borders“  New markets and business models
16:15 Coffee break & creative intervention
16:45 Panel II: „Across country borders“ Create identity – the region as a creative hotspot
18:00 Final statement: WHAT IS THE CREATIVE DRIVE?
18:15 Come together: drinks, snacks and sound

A detatailled programme you will find in the section "documents"!


- Pia Areblad, TILLT, Göteborg
- Manfred Bausch
, Zweckverband Region Aachen
- Christoph Brosius
, Die Hobrechts, Berlin/Aachen
- Maurice Hermans
, Betawerk, Heerlen
- Sylvia Hustedt
, GründerZentrum Kulturwirtschaft, Aachen
- Daniel Kerber
, morethanshelters, Hamburg/Berlin
- Jo Martens
, f nascom, Genk
- Marcel Philipp
, mayor of the City of Aachen
- Prof. Stefan Scheer, author of innovationstuntman,Düsseldorf
- Michael Söndermann
, Büro für Kulturwirtschaftsforschung, Köln
- Pieter Spinder
, knowmads, Amsterdam


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The entrance is free of charge, however the number of participants is limited. Therefore please confirm your participation early!


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