15.08.2013 - The final conference is coming soon!

Now, after more than three years of the project "Creative Drive", we come to the end of the period of promotion. However this does not mean that the initiated developments come to an end.

Whether cooperations, networks, business models or events, they will all still last and enrich the EMR after this project.
We strengthened the visibility of and the understanding for the creative industry, we professionalized the movers & shakers of the industry, we promoted the competition and developed new ways of collaboration across the borders.
That is what we want to celebrate together with you on the 26th November 2013. We want to provide an insight into the project and its results as well as give new impulses from outside the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.
We would like to take part in serious considerations of how we can work together across borders further on and which key role the creative industry can  play.
Furthermore we want to network and celebrate.
On behalf of the partners of the Interreg IV A project "Creative Drive" we kindly invite you to the final conference. Register now for this event and experience the "Creative drive"!