09.10.2013 - Speaker: Pia Areblad

Pia Areblad is the founder of TILLT and is now working as Director Strategic Alliances responsible for external relations and international affairs.

She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University College of Dance in Stockholm and a diploma in political science. After several years active as a politician, dance-pedagogue and a dancer she decided in 1997 to focus on the role of art and culture in society and business and started developing TILLT in 2001. TILLT has carried out over 80 year-long and 500 shorter artistic interventions where artists have been mirroring the life of a business organisation to strengthen creativity and innovation in working life. TILLT has positioned itself as one of the most experienced producer of artistic interventions in organizations in Europe. The organization has been active in over 20 European countries the last five years and is now launching a European association for artistic interventions in organizations.

At the final conference Pia Areblad will contribute to the panel discussion on the topic of “Across sectors. New markets and business models”.
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