11.11.2013 - Speaker: Daniel Kerber

Daniel Kerber is the initiator of "morethanshelters“. Since more than 15 years, he is already working on the intersection between architecture, design and art.

His mission: he wants to establish humane living in critical situations. About 45 million human beings don’t have a home, about 100 million don’t have a roof overhead. About one billion people live in barracks made of paper or any other rest material. That is why Daniel Kerber established a modular space system, called DOMO that enables people to develop future spaces. It is a building kit which makes it possible for people to adjust it to their needs and current situation, according to their special culture and dignity.

At the final conference he will contribute to our first panel on “Across industry borders. New markets and business models – creative industry on the intersection between economy, science and public sector”.