21.11.2013 - Speaker: Christoph Backes

Christoph Backes is manager of the “u-institut“ – an associated research institute of the University of Bremen. As co-founder of the “Junges Theater Bremen”, he worked there for five years and afterwards he studied economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke.

Thereupon, he became the marketing director of the first “RuhrTriennale”, with Dr. Gérard Mortier being the director. Christoph Backes established the GründerZentrum Kulturwirtschaft in Aachen in 2005. Moreover, he developed the coaching program „IDEENLOTSEN“ in the city of Bremen, focusing on the special needs of the cultural and creative industry. He is assistant lecturer at several universities in Germany and Switzerland and he is author of many reports and articles in that field.

At the final conference, Christoph Backes moderates the first panel discussion with Pia Areblad, Daniel Kerber and Pieter Spinder as his guests. The panel deals with the topic of borders, it is about new markets and business models and the cultural industry on the intersection between economy, science and public authority.