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Make use of our Meuse-Rhine Euregion creative yellow pages. We collect, analyse and process information and stories in and about the creative economy as well as "international experiences" in the Meuse Rhine Euregion.

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Use our pool of knowledge. We collect and analyse information on and about the creative economy in the region. We would like to make this data pool available to you and provide the right contacts and information for you in personal consultancy sessions.

The cultural and creative economy is a relatively new defined field. Statistical analysis in the creative industry shows a Europe-wide shift from dependent employment to self-employed activities. The creative economy is characterized by a diverse range of small businesses that have an enormous economic potential - and the number of companies in the creative industry is steadily increasing. But, in many traditional branches and companies there is a lack of knowledge of the creative sector and its specific needs. 

At this point Creative Drive comes into play. We offer cross-border information which is of interest to the individual players of the 11 sub-sectors of the creative economy but also for other institutions.

Regardless whether you're a creative individual looking for a market or a firm that's looking for creative partners!

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