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We introduce you to the creative industry of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine – with many different key actors and companies of the region as well as valuable networks and platforms.


Creative Drive stimulates! The aim of Creative Drive is to unite different sectors, institutions and projects of the creative industry within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Creatives are linked with entrepreneurs, also across borders, in order to use the common potential in a much better way.

We organize events, workshops and projects across borders. We open up your view on the potential the creative industry offers here in our region. We connect economy, sciences and culture. We offer contacts to a large network of creatives from all disciplines and open up new markets. We provide individual coaching and support on your way into economy.

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The cultural and creative industries are built upon innovative minds turning their ideas into reality: authors, film-makers, musicians, visual and performing artists, architects, designers, advertising agents and game developers. They generate artistic quality, cultural diversity and creative renewal; at the same time, they signify the commercial dynamics of an economy based on knowledge and innovation.

Freelancers as well as micro- and small businesses shape the cultural and creative industries. Generally, they are commercially-oriented and focus on the creation, production, distribution, often via the media, of cultural or creative goods and services.

Pure diversity: The cultural and creative industries include eleven branches:

  • architecture market
  • book market
  • design industry
  • film industry
  • art market
  • performing arts market
  • music industry
  • press industry
  • broadcasting industry
  • software and game industry
  • advertising industry


INTERREG is a European Commission initiative financed by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund). The programme aims at strengthening economic and social cohesion and at increasing cultural potential in the European Union through cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation.The fund supports trans-European cooperation and boosts a balanced and harmonious development and integration of Europe. In addition, the programme finances cooperative projects between regions, belonging to different countries, in order to assure that the differing levels of development in various areas of the border regions do not present an obstacle to the realisation of the fund’s goals. 

The programme supports collaboration along three lines:

  • Form A: Cross-border collaboration
  • Form B: Transnational collaboration
  • Form C: Interregional collaboration